Water-repellent Stain-resistant fabric TAR448 1
22 black gem tar448
21 asphalt brown gem tar448
20 medium gray gem tar448
19 light green gem tar448
18 green acid tar448 gemstone
17 dark blue tar448 gem
16 light blue gem tar448
15 dark lilac gem tar448
14 purple tar448 gem
13 wisteria bud tar448
12 gem cerise dark tar448
11 burgundy tar448 gem
10 red gem tar448
09 melange brick gem tar448
08 goose beak bud melange tar448
07 yellow egg gem tar448
06 bright yellow gem tar448
05 dark brown gem melange tar448
04 dove gray melange tar448
03 dark beige tar448 gemstone
02 ivory gem mother-of-pearl tar448
01 optical white tar448 gem

TAR448 water repellent fabric

Modern Furniture Water Repellent Fabric Anti-stain TAR448

TAR448 water repellent fabric

18,00 VAT included

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18,00 VAT included

Height: 140cm
Composition: 100% Polyester

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TAR448 water repellent fabric

Water-repellent stain-resistant fabric with visible weave, available in various fashion colors. The colors are not defined but melange, giving the fabric a particularly warm and vivid tone. It is particularly suitable for sofas, armchairs and chairs; due to its resistance and ease of cleaning it is suitable to be used also as table covers. It is advisable not to bleach, do not wash at high temperatures, maximum 30 ° and do not iron.


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