Silk Satin Fabric ABT873

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Height: 140 cm
Composition: 100% Silk

Shiny cream silk satin fabric. Medium / high weight. Ideal for making high fashion and / or formal clothes.

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Silk Satin Fabric ABT873

Golden Ecru silk fabric. Medium / high weight. Ideal for making high fashion and / or formal clothes. Silk is characterized by lightness and comfort, brilliance and shine. The silk fabric is very resistant to deformation and is also insulating, therefore warm in winter and cool in summer. Silk is the most robust natural fiber known, and is also one of the most popular fibers in the world. One of the properties of silk is to reflect light in an inimitable way. In fact, it is able to easily absorb dyes, thus offering a great wealth of nuances. The thread is very elastic and the fabrics made with it are extremely resistant. At the same time they are also soft, so as to allow a perfect fall of the hems and an easy draping.


To check that a product is really made of silk, burn a thread. If it is silk the thread will burn slowly and give off a faint smell of horn typical of animal fibers. Silk is very delicate and washing should be carried out with neutral detergents at temperatures no higher than 40 ° C. In order to bleach it, the bleach should be avoided absolutely, and if necessary, use hydrogen peroxide. Silk fabrics should be stored away from light and moisture because they turn yellow very easily. Silk is not attacked by moths, unless it is mixed with wool. It is easy to fall prey to mold and bacteria that cause white spots or fading. In 100% Linen, 100% Cotton and 100% Silk fabrics it is recommended to buy 10 / 20 cm more per meter, considering the physiological decline of natural fabrics at the first wash. We are sure of the quality of our products and remind you of the Satisfied or Reimbursed formula. Do you want to request a sample of this silk satin fabric? Click on this link. Price is for 1 linear meter - VAT included

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