Spotted Lycra fabric ABT376

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Height: 140 cm
Panel dimensions: 82 cm x 140 cm

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Spotted Lycra fabric ABT376

This spotted Lycra fabric is very light and soft. It's a two-way stretch fabric so it's perfect for making summer clothing items like t-shirts and leggings. The fabric pattern is speckled and the colors are baby pink and bright red, with grapefruit orange accents. This stretch Lycra fabric has a spotted print. The fabric is opaque and of excellent quality. Lycra is a very comfortable fabric to wear, elastic and flexible. Its initial length can be extended up to 5. The lycra fabric is resistant to washing and sweat so it is usually used for clothing for sports such as artistic or rhythmic gymnastics. This fabric also bears contact with chlorine so it is very suitable for water sports. It is often used to create lingerie or women's underwear. This fabric is used in clothing but also in some household products. Lycra is used for example in stretch sheets and other types of products that need a certain elasticity. It is very easy to print and color due to the good uniformity of the fabric and the colors are brilliant, such as on this spotted print Lycra fabric.

The Lycra - features

Lycra is a very robust fabric, in fact it not only resists to sunlight but also to washes and sweat. It is a durable, strong and durable fabric. Lycra is never pure but is mixed with other fibers. The possibilities of use on this fabric are many since it can be either glossy, transparent or opaque or semi-opaque. The lycra fabric is elastic so it keeps the shapes of the dress you are wearing unchanged. To create your clothes, costumes and more, you can buy a wide range of Lycra fabric colors on our site. Request a free sample of this spotted Lycra fabric indicating the product code and shipping address. Click here

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