What is my order number?
You can consult your order number from the "my orders" section in the customer area. or in the purchase confirmation email ..
(please check the "spam" folder in case you find the email)

How can I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order from the "my orders" section in the customer area.

Do I get a discount if I order a large quantity of items?
No. but you can take advantage of free shipping for orders over € 80

I just signed up, what are the benefits?
You will receive a 5 € discount coupon on your next purchase.

Can I change or cancel my order after placing it?
No but you can write to us at stocktextessuti@gmail.com and we will act as soon as possible to solve the problem

What types of payments do you accept?
Paypal, cash on delivery, bank transfer.

Problems related to payment?
- Make sure you have entered all the necessary information correctly.
- Check the validity of your prepaid or credit card.
- Make sure you have the amount needed to make the purchase.
- in case of further problems, contact the customer service of your credit institution.


Can I track the status of my delivery?
No, usually all deliveries take place within 2 or 3 working days.
if you want more information on the status of the delivery or for any problems you can send us an email to stocktextessuti@gmail.com

How much is shipping?
For all orders over € 80, shipping is free, otherwise it costs € 7,40
or € 10,40 (in the islands and in the Calabria region)

Can I pay cash on delivery? Where is it? How much does it cost more?
Yes, (for orders below € 300) in the "" payment option "section. Cash on delivery costs € 3,50 more on the total order.

(It is necessary to pay with cash because the courier cannot give change)

Do you also ship abroad?
Yes throughout Europe with the exception of Switzerland.


How do I return the goods and who bears the costs?
The goods can be returned. within 14 days of delivery.
If the product is damaged or does not comply with what has been declared, we will bear the cost, for any other reason the courier costs for the return are charged to the customer.

Il product does not conform to what was ordered, what do I do?
You can write to us at stocktextessuti@gmail.com or call us at 0536 80 48 64 and we will solve the problem or make a possible refund.

Why is my order late?
It may happen, for logistics reasons, that some fabrics are not available in stock. For this reason we reserve the right to order them from the manufacturers we work with, so shipments may be delayed for a few days.

What happens if the courier comes by and I'm not at home?
Contact the courier to arrange a second delivery attempt
If you can't find the postcard, please contact us directly.

Is the color of the fabric exactly as it appears on the screen?
Each screen returns a different color
therefore what is written in the description of the products is valid

How can I communicate with Customer Service?
Using the contact section at the bottom of the site.


I forgot my password: what do I do?By clicking on “forgotten password” at the time of log-in, a reset code will be sent by e-mail.

Can I make purchases on your site even if I'm not registered?
Sure! Registration is not mandatory, you can still proceed with the order simply by entering the payment data and the billing address.


If the fabric I want is not available, how long will I have to wait?
If the product is no longer present on the site we plan to propose it again, however it may happen that some of our best products return to the catalog in that case they will be available online again.

Can I request a sample of a fabric that interests me?
Yes, you can request samples by requesting them directly from the appropriate button on the product page.
The price of each sample is 1 € without additional shipping costs.

Can I make a review of your products?
Yes you can leave a review directly on the product page.
I saw a product that interested me in one of your advertisements but I can't find it anymore, what can I do?
Often the products we sponsor are shown in the images on the home page of the site.