Stock Tex: curtains and high quality fabrics for furnishing and clothing

Stock Tex fabrics are not just fibers and colors. I'm time, search, passion e dedication, stimuli that push us to identify quality fabrics and select them according to the tastes of our customers, with particular attention to trends and performance of the material.

Our goal is to provide a broad assortment of meter-length fabrics for furniture and clothing, get them in your hands and see them transformed into craft objects, unique furnishing accessories, design elements and original clothing.

In over 35 years of experience, we have created a partnership network with the main Italian weaving mills in order to offer the highest quality available, at the cheapest price.

Our online fabric supplies are aimed at fashion companies, designers, boutiques and clothing and furniture retailers, with wholesale prices.
In our 1300 m² warehouse in Sassuolo (MO) we have a vast assortment of fabrics to offer you
along with new products on the way to offer you the widest choice at maximum convenience.


Custom tailoring quotesi: (call to action in the title)

An artisan soul is hidden inside Stock Tex: we offer tailoring services for curtains and furnishing accessories, with the possibility of requesting online free personalized quotes. Our team is trained and prepared to guide you in the best choice to make your environments perfect, based on your needs for price and style.

Tailoring advice

We are available for advice online to help you realize your projects in the best possible way.
How can I make my curtains? How much fabric do I need? How do they wash? How can I mount them?
From today you can ask us these questions and receive comprehensive and timely answers from our experts.

For those who live near our physical headquarters in Sassuolo we offer even more: it is possible to arrange one environmental assessment (colors, spaces, ideal curtain packaging) Home with our trusted dressmaker.
Contact us to arrange an appointment!

1 Class Fireproof and Darkening Fabrics

Over the years, StockTex has evolved: today the company has acquired expertise in the supply of large sizes of fabrics and curtains fireproof, with ministerial certification Class 1, ideal for making fire curtains in places such as public administrations, offices, commercial premises, restaurants, hospitals and wedding arrangements.

Provide a wide assortment of high quality furnishing and clothing fabrics.


Our fabrics, your creations.

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